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Large Mast

Large Mast
Large Carbon-Fibre Mast recently stepped using a local crane company and our Travelift for the butt end.  

Sailing Vessel 'Davila'

Sailing Vessel 'Davila'
Over 500 vessels are hauled out annually for maintenance on the Bridge Marina Travelift Hardstand.

80 Foot Yacht Pendragon

80 Foot Yacht Pendragon
The 80 foot New Zealand Built Yacht Pendragon being prepared for shipping.  
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Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd

Our 35 Tonne Travelift in Operation

Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd is situated within the grounds of the Tauranga Bridge Marina site in the Bay of Plenty. This professional boat haul-out service is a hub for boating professionals who are on hand to offer their skill, advice and expertise, providing hardstanding facilities for 30 freestanding vessels.

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Owned and operated by Bruce Goodchap, Bridge Marina Travelift has a lifting capacity of 35 tonne and can manage vessels with a beam of up to 5.5 meters.  A four-sling lifting option is available for larger vessels. A jib crane on our travelift is also available with a capacity for lifting yacht masts and motors up to 1000 kilos.

A pontoon finger leads into the haulout dock for easy access.  Boats can be lifted at both high and low tides. All boat bays are serviced with water and single phase electricity. Three phase electricity is also available.


We also believe in looking after our fragile environment and as such support the Clean Boating Campaign.  Bridge Marina Travelift offers their customers a friendly and clean environment to both work in and enjoy.  Read about our picnic/BBQ area and the other services the Marina offers.


Preparing for AntifoulBridge Marina Travelift Ltd offer an Antifouling Service and are certified Propspeed Applicators.

A mobile work shed measuring 16 x 6 metres is also available in the yard for all your painting and repair requirements.

We use International Antifoul Paints. For more information on their antifoul paints and other products from International Paints, click on the link ... Read the  Product Guide

Interesting Vessels

Watch the slide show to see some interesting vessels/events that have occurred on the Bridge Marina Travelift Hardstand recently or go to the Picture Gallery (Top Menu).  Although the majority of vessels hauled out at the Tauranga Bridge Marina complex are pleasure yachts and launches, there are a number of commercial vessels including fishing boats, survey vessels, barges and an assortment of other interesting watercraft.  The travel lift is capable of lifting vessels up to 35 tonnes in weight with a maximum beam width of 5.5 metres. The Bridge Marina Travelift Company also sees a number of overseas cruising yachts including off-shore racing boats calling in for antifouling and other maintenance work.  Tauranga is fortunate with the number of professional marine service organisations including boat builders, marine engineers, marine electricians, surveyors and marine painters that offer competitively priced services to visiting and local boaties.

Tauranga Marine Industry Association Logo
Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd is a member of

Tauranga Marine Industry Association.



We are 'Certified Propspeed Applicators' for the New Zealand invented product.  If you are interested in saving fuel and engine maintenance costs, click on the button below for more information & watch the YouTube video  (USA produced).

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We use International Antifoul Paints. For more information on their antifoul paints and other products from International Paints, click on button below.

Read the Product Guide