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This form is used by us to gather basic details about your vessel and your other preferences for the haul-out. All questions marked with asterix "*" must be answered.
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Vessel Details

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We need the to know approximately how heavy your vessel is please. It must be 35 tonnes or less.


Haul-Out Details

Please Note that the haul-out date needs to be confirmed by Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd.
Enter your preferred haul-out date and time below. Our haul-out service is available 6 days a week (Monday through to Saturday), excluding Public Holidays. Haul-outs on Sundays and Public Holidays can be made by special arrangement as can emergency situations outside of our normal operational hours (0730 to 1700 hrs).

Do you require assistance with the haul-out? If you require additional help, including bringing your vessel out of your berth at the Bridge Marina to our haul-out area and or assistance on-board your vessel, please indicate below.
Haul-Out Date and Time Preferred(*)

We need to know what your preferred date is for your vessel haulout. You can select a time, however, both the date and time will be subject to availability. We will get back to you to firm up both a date and a time.

I need assistance from my berth to the Haul-Out area
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Additional Helpers required on board my vessel please.
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Estimated Time on Hardstand
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Antifoul Package and PROPSPEED Option

Our package pricing is for International Awlcraft, Hempel Olympic, Altex No.5 or Sigma 290 in Black, Blue or Red. If your preference is for an alternative product brand and or colour, please enter the details below.
Antifoul Brand Prefferred
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If your preference is for a brand not shown as an option, please enter details including colour below for the question on "Alternative Paint Brand & Colour"

Antifoul Colour Required
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If your preference is for a colou not shown as an option, please enter details including colour below for the question on "Alternative Paint Brand & Colour"

Current Brand of Antifoul used on your Vessel
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Alternative Antifoul Paint Brand (if preferred)
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If your preference is for a brand not shown as an option, please enter details here.

Preferred Colour other than Red, Blue or Black
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If your preference is for an alternative colour to Red, Blue or Black, enter your preference here,

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Saildrive/Sternleg Option (if applicable)
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Questions and More Information

If your form submission is successful, you will receive a message on your screen and you will also receive an email with all the information you have provided us. If you "Submit" your request and it fails to send, please check your form information as some questions require an answer. All questions marked with a "*" require an answer. You can move back through the form by clicking on the orange "Pre" Button and forward on the green "Next" Button
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