Bridge Marina Travelift of Tauranga

Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd is situated within the grounds of the Tauranga Bridge Marina site in the Bay of Plenty. 

This professional boat haul-out service is a hub for boating professionals who are on hand to offer their skill, advice and expertise. There is hardstand facilities for 30 freestanding vessels. This facility is owned and operated by Bruce and Lucy Goodchap complete with a Travel-Lift that has a lifting capacity of 35 tonne and can manage vessels with a beam of up to 5.5 meters. A four-sling lifting option is available for larger vessels. A jib crane on our travel lift is also available with a capacity for lifting yacht masts and motors up to 1000 kilos.
Bruce and Lucy Goodchap, have been operating their business since the inception of the Marina in 1997. Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd is an active member of the Tauranga Marina Industry Association.

Vessel Haul-Out Service, Tauranga

35 Tonne Vessel Travelift Capacity

Jib Crane for Masts / Motors

Vessel Beams up to 5.5 meters

4 Sling option for large vessels

Mobile Work sheds available

Hub for Boating Professionals  

Close to Tauranga CBD

Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd, 2019 winners of the boatyard of the year